Beta-Rec platform provides a convenient experiment interface to use for running a series of experiments to examine models’ performances on datasets with various data split setups. https://github.com/beta-team/beta-recsys/blob/wangxieric-patch-1/docs/_static/img/experiment_pipe.pdf

We use the Matrix Factorisation-based recommender as example and train and test it on the MovieLens-100k dataset, which adopt the leave one out data split setup. The example notebook is also provided here.

In the following content, we illustrate our experimental pipeline with the aforementioned example step by step:

Load dataset

First, we initiase the BaseData with an available dataset and its data split setup from the platform. You can found the availble datasets and data split functions here. An example is also given as follows:

import sys
from beta_rec.datasets.movielens import Movielens_100k
from beta_rec.data.base_data import BaseData

# Initialise dataset and the corresponding data split strategy

dataset = Movielens_100k()
split_dataset = dataset.load_leave_one_out(n_test=1)
data = BaseData(split_dataset)

Model Configuration

Next, we select an targeted models to conduct the experiments. In particular, each model has its default and corresponding configuration file, which is listed in the configs folder. There are two options to update the configuration of the selected models:

(1) Update the configuration file (e.g. mf_default.json).

(2) Update the default values of instance variables of the Experiment class (e.g. eval_scopes).

The model configuration of two MF models can be written as follows:

from beta_rec.recommenders import MatrixFactorization
from beta_rec.experiment.experiment import Experiment

# Initialise recommenders with their default configuration files

config1 = {

config2 = {

mf_1 = MatrixFactorization(config1)
mf_2 = MatrixFactorization(config2)

Run Experiment

After initialising the selected dataset and the models, we can pass these two objects to the experiment class and run experiments as follows:

# Run experiments of the recommenders on the selected dataset

  models=[mf_1, mf_2],