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import os

import requests
from tqdm import tqdm

from ..utils.onedrive import OneDrive

[docs]def download_file(url, store_file_path): """Download the raw dataset file. Download the dataset with the given url and save to the store_path. Args: url: the url that can be downloaded the dataset file. store_file_path: the path that stores the downloaded file. Return: the archive format of the suffix. """ filename = url.split("/")[-1] print(f"Start downloading file {filename} with url {url}...") if "" in url: # allow downloading raw data from Onedrive store_file_path = os.path.dirname(store_file_path) folder = OneDrive(url=url, path=store_file_path) else: r = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=True, stream=True) # Total size in bytes total_size = int(r.headers.get("content-length", 0)) block_size = 1024 t = tqdm(total=total_size, unit="iB", unit_scale=True) with open(store_file_path, "wb") as f: for data in r.iter_content(block_size): t.update(len(data)) f.write(data) t.close() if total_size != 0 and t.n != total_size: print("ERROR, download fail") else: print(f"Success loading file {filename} to {store_file_path}")
[docs]def get_format(suffix): """Get the archive format. Get the archive format of the archive file with its suffix. Args: suffix: suffix of the archive file. Return: the archive format of the suffix. """ format_map = { "bz2": "bztar", "gz": "gztar", } if suffix not in format_map: return suffix return format_map[suffix]
[docs]def download_file_from_onedrive(url, path): """Download processed file from OneDrive. Download file from OneDrive with the give url and save to the given path. Args: url: the shared link generated by OneDrive. path: the path supposed to store the file. """ folder = OneDrive(url=url, path=path)